February 10, 2014

Why this year was a failure...

Randal is right.

This year was a failure for me, too.

At some point I need to find a way to see the aurora borealis.


Smamy said...

Did you not get to see them while in Scotland? That is the only time I ever got to see them, and it was incredible. When we were up in Copper Harbor, MI for vacation, we went up on the mountain a couple of different nights hoping to see them, but it was always too cloudy. Consider watching the forecast and then take a trip to the UP. Apparently, they get some great shows. Easily one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

coldnorthgamer said...

We have yet to see the northern lights, too. I think we're too close to the city. Maybe this summer, we'll be out in the mountains and get a chance to see them. You'd think this far north, it would be an every-night possibility, but I guess not.