February 26, 2014

Who goes to Jungle Jim's?

I love Jungle Jim's grocery store in Fairfield.

It's easily one of the top attractions in all of Cincinnati, an absolute must-see for any out-of-town visitors. There's an acre of produce, fresh fish, seeming miles of imported foods, cheese as big as a small car, beer tasting, a great deli and bakery, and a whole bunch more.

It's awesome.

If anyone loves the Jungle more than I do, though, it's The Girl. She spends a couple of hours there every Sunday morning. She bakes Christmas cookies for her friends at the fish counter, in the kitchen goods area, and behind the produce section. She loves, loves, loves Jungle Jim's.

So it makes sense that she'd appear in the updated version of The Jungle Jim Story. Check her out above at 7:35. She's the one in the short, brown hair and the teal, 3/4-sleeve baseball shirt working her way through the produce section.


thort said...

next stop: Hollywood!!

Jennette said...

That's awesome! The Girl rocks the produce department!

PHSChemGuy said...

And she stays humble. Every week she still shops at Jungle Jim's. I keep trying to get her to wear that teal baseball shirt and sign autographs outside the Jungle Jim's Story theater, but she keeps saying no.