August 11, 2014

My to see list...long term

I keep a mental, long-term, to-see list in my head at all times. Things that are on it that I want to check off but over which I really have almost no control at all...
  • Clown driving a car (full make-up/wig required)
  • Person I know in an airport other than Cincinnati or Dayton
  • Woman riding motorcycle, man holding on behind her
  • Volkswagon Beetle with flowers painted on it
  • Bus with Further in the destination spot
  • Adult in a superhero costume (not at Comic-Con or amusement park)
  • Proposal at a restaurant
  • Lonnie on a mug or pencil or something at a gift shop
  • Book on bookshelves of bookstore signed by author but not marked as such 
What else should I add to the list?

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