August 13, 2014

Update: My favorites

I first posted this in December, 2005, my first year blogging. We're not more than eight and a half years since then, and I think it a decent enough time to see what's changed since then.

In case you were ever wondering...
My Favorite Decently Nice Restaurant in the Cincy Area
Knotty Pine on the Bayou - I don't get down there nearly as much as I would like, but it's still a fine treat when I do. Let's go with Troy's Cafe much closer to my house.
My Favorite Much Cheaper Restaurant Near My House
Waffle House on Cincy-Dayton Rd - no doubt at all
My Favorite Fall Flavor
Pumpkin - hands down, easily my favorite flavor pretty much year round - no doubt at all
My Favorite Summer Fruit Flavor
Peach - no doubt at all
My Favorite Flavor Combo
Peanut Butter & Chocolate - I still like it, but I don't know that it still holds the sway it once did for me.
My Favorite Candybar Snack
Take 5 - the original flavor only, the rest of the flavors stink - I guess so, but I haven't had one in probably a couple of years. Don't know that I've had a candy bar in a while.
My Favorite Game of the Moment
Volley Pollo - It's fun and all, but I haven't played it in a long while. I'll go with QuizUp the app on my phone.
My Favorite Movie to Watch Over and Over
tough call - O Brother, Where Art Thou and Hoosiers probably - Scott Pilgrim maybe...
My Favorite Fast Food Milkshake Place
White Castle - but the hometown one only serves chocolate now, blech - Haven't had any White Castle in a while. If I want a milkshake in the summer, I go to The Cone. In the winter I go to UDF.
My Favorite Milkshake (non-fast food division)
Pumpkin malt at the Cone - It's tough to remember this flavor exactly as it's a late, late summer only thing. The rest of the year, I go for the peanut butter malt.
My Favorite Cartoon (phenomenally vulgar division)
South Park - This one has changed to probably Archer.
My Favorite Cartoon (superhero division)
Justice League Unlimited - new entry here, used to be the 90's Batman - Now it's Bob's Burgers. I watch it pretty much every week via
My Favorite Movie Theater
Rave - edging out The Esquire based on recent more-commercial fare at the Esquire - Sadly the Rave closed. I have become more mercenary, shifting from The Rave in Milford to AMC in West Chester to wherever we happen to be. I still see most things in West Chester at what used to be the Rave but is now the AMC. I don't care for the price increases or the crumbling area around the theater itself, but it's the closest to my house.
My Favorite Candle Scent
Any spice-ish thing...pumpkin, cookie, vanilla, harvest, apple pie...nothing with flowers - absolutely still true
My Favorite Ultimate Series
Ultimate Fantastic Four - I'm surprised I picked that one. In general, I enjoyed Ultimate Spider-Man more, even through the change to Miles Morales.
My Favorite Season
summer - no school  - no doubt, no doubt
My Favorite Sport to Play
Tennis - I haven't picked up a racket in probably five years. The lack of playing has been far worse for my health, and I miss it terribly. Of course, with my commitments to ASM and OEA, I'm not sure leisure time is something I have a lot of.
Favorite Sport to Watch
Tennis, again, though high school basketball is a near second - still true
My Favorite TV Series (current)
The Office or Scrubs, probably The Office - Neither is still on the air in original form (though Scrubs seems to be constantly on somewhere in syndication). The shows I watch regularly are The Goldbergs, Community (in whatever form it is on Yahoo now), Parks and Rec, Modern Family, The Middle, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Bob's Burgers). Let's make this Favorite Live-Action, Scripted Sit-Com and say my favorite is Parks and Recreation, but it's close. 
My Favorite Basketball Player
The Basketball Jesus - Either him or Steph Curry or Kelsey Mitchell.
My Favorite Joke
The Thor Joke - It's still that one, yes.
My Favorite Web Comic
Order of the Stick - It's XKCD instead.
My Favorite Food
steak - nothing fancy, just a very nicely grilled, medium-rare steak with olive oil, salt, and pepper (or Montreal Steak seasoning) - Yeah, probably so, but this was well before the Year of Living Steakishly, so that taste in steak has changed dramatically. I can't deal with a home-cooked steak anymore as compared to the best in Cincy.
My Favorite Color
What am I, like four years old? - I'm still immature, but I don't have a favorite color.
My Favorite Movie
The Muppet Movie - It's certainly in the running.
My Favorite Country (non-US division)
Scotland - yup...haven't really been to another one other than a very quick visit to Canada from Niagara Falls.
My Favorite Friend That I've Recently Reconnected With
Kristin Butler ne Reichow - I'm not still in contact with Kristin, but I am digging having more Facebook friends of late.
My Favorite Temptation (today division)
chicken fried bacon - meh...that might be tasty, but I don't want to try it
My Favorite Thing to Do This Time of the Year
Sit on the couch, late at night, snuggled with the dog, watching the Christmas tree with my glasses off - It's summer now, so I'll go with playing a round of frisbee golf first thing in the morning.
My Favorite Park
Turkey Run State Park - I miss it terribly. Wanted to get there this summer, but it looks like I won't do that.
My Favorite Dessert (non-Pumpkin Pie division)
Tiramisu - possibly tiramisu gelato - still a good choice...might include a great ice cream sandwich, chocolate chip cookie variety...really want one of those tonight as I type this...
My Favorite Band
Wilco - Yeah, good choice still.
My Favorite Guitarist
Richard Thompson - yup...and he's coming to Middletown in a couple of months
My Favorite Pudgy Comic Book Geek Turned Famous Movie Director
Kevin Smith - I got very, very bored with Smith and have just been annoyed with him for the past few years...pretty much since I read (I think) My Boring-A$$ Life.
My Favorite Cooking Magazine
Cook's Illustrated - I've been preferring Cooks Illustrated, honestly.
My Favorite Sunday Morning Breakfast
Cook's Illustrated's french toast - That is outstanding, though it's been a while since I made it.
My Favorite Book
I'd like to say Electric Brae but I haven't read it in a few I'll go with one I read about once a year: Slaughterhouse 5 - Still that one
My Favorite Side Dish
Cook's Illustrated's roast potatoes - those are outstanding
My Favorite Cookbook
The Best Recipe - I haven't been doing a lot of cooking lately, so this one hasn't had much of a chance to change
My Favorite Single Issue Comic Book Story
Action Comics #775 - Still pretty outstanding
My Favorite Graphic Novel
either Watchmen or Superman: Secret Identity - Yeah, Watchmen is still phenomenal.
My Favorite Taco Bell Item
Carmel Apple Empanada - Yup
My Favorite Gift Ever
my pepper mill - I use it all the time.
My Favorite Online Service
gmail and google calendar - Sure
My Favorite School Cartoon from Chilhood
Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land - Love it
My Favorite Use of Tax Money
The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (PLCH) - Yup
My Favorite Taste of Scotland
McVitie's Dark Chocolate Homewheats - Love ' ' ' s'mores ever
My Favorite Author
Chuck Palahniuk - Probably true, though I haven't read anything by him in a while. If not him, then Kurt Vonnegut. Actually, Vonnegut is above Palahniuk.
My Favorite Sit-Com (no longer on the air division)
Mad About You - Scrubs also deserves a mention here.
Here are a few that I'm adding in as of August, 2014.
Favorite video game (Wii)
Wii Sports Resort
Favorite cd
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West (seriously, though this changes from time to time)
Favorite snack food not available in Cincy area
Flamin' Hot Cheetos Limon
Favorite burger in Cincinnati
Terry's Turf Club
Favorite barbeque in Cincinnati
Eli's BBQ
Favorite Mexican restaurant in Cincinnati
Taqueria Mercado on Route 4
Favorite soft drink
Cherry Coke Zero
Favorite YouTube subscription
either Smarter Every Day or Veritasium
Favorite workshop destination of the past few summers
probably Provo, UT...maybe Salt Lake City, UT
Anything else that anybody wants to know?

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