February 23, 2015

Triple trouble

A couple of weekends ago, I was with a friend who was working his way through an online crossword puzzle. He asked for help with five particularly tough clues. I present them to you here along with the answers (after the jump) and with a couple of questions on my own.

The five clues were identical, saying only "triple double." Each answer was fifteen letters long.

My questions for you before I reveal the answers themselves...
  • First, once you see the answers, can you explain how they are answers to those clues?
  • Secondly, is there any any reasonable way that anyone could be expected to go from the clues to the answers?
So, the answers...

  • helix door dating
  • agent room header
  • standard bed time
  • stitch down cross
  • negative dip play
  • bogey boiler talk
 And my best explanation...all five answers are made up of three words that are the second half of compound words with double...ex. double helix...double door...double dating...double agent...double room...double header...etc. Highlight that to ruin the surprise.

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