February 11, 2015

Update: QuizMeUp

Updating my QuizUp progress...

I've crossed halfway to the Praetorian which requires 10,000 victories. I screenshotted my progress when I was just over halfway to that with 5007 victories. The other achievement in the distance for me is Unstoppable which requires 10,000 games played. Add in my 1559 losses and 95 ties, and that gives me 6661 total games played, nearly exactly two thirds of the way there.

I cut the photo off with the topics in which I've crossed the level-sixty line because those are the ones needed for the Avatar achievement. I have upped my average score to 116 from the 112-point average that you saw last time. Helps that I played a bunch of categories that I know well to get to Avatar instead of banging away against those categories that required level fifteen for the achievements.

The other two achievements that I'm lacking are going to require some traveling, needing me to play in four and ten countries each. Supposedly, I've played in three countries, though I've no idea why QuizUp believes that. I've only played within the cute confines of these here United States of America.

I dropped all the stats from the QuizUp website into a spreadsheet (Google Drive link, check it). Admittedly, I typed them into a spreadsheet because the QuizUp website presents its numbers as graphics not as copyable text. Here's what I found.

My best winning percentages (minimum of level 60)
  • Batman - 94.5%
  • Chemistry - 93.5%
  • Name the Element - 92.8%
Categories with the most wins without a loss
  • Animals - 6 wins
  • Riddles - 5 wins
  • Commercials - 5 wins
 Highest average points (no minimum level)
  • Math: General - 158 (1 game)
  • Mothers - 156 (1 game)
  • Name the Dish - 150 (1 game)
  • Back to School: Science - 149.8 (469 games)
  • Name the Element - 147.4 (542 games)
Most games required to get to level 60 
  • Actually, I can't tell. I don't know what the stats are exactly when I hit level 60. Name the Elements, for example, is currently on level 64, so saying it took me 542 games to get to level 60 would be wrong. Wish I could've gotten the stats at each milestone.
  • See, if I could get to level 60, I was probably pretty good at the category, so I was fine to keep playing at it.
Most games required to get to level 15 (I'm assuming if I wasn't great at it, I stopped at level 15. Hence anything that would've taken me the most games would be a category in which I stopped at level 15.)
  • MMA - 98 games (this felt eternal, a 9.2% winning percentage)
  • Poetry - 72 games
  • British Royals - 70 games
  • Formula 1 - 69 games
 Most games without a win
  • Harry Potter (movies) - 4 games
  • Baking - 2 games
  • App Logos - 2 games
Worst non-zero winning percentages
  • Bob Dylan - 9.1%
  • MMA - 9.2%
  • Dog Breeds - 20%
Highest non-hundred winning percentages
  • Action & Adventure (movies) - 94.6% (37 games - I am stunned that I have a winning percentage that high in this category.)
  • Batman (movies) - 94.5% (475 games)
  • Chemistry - 93.5% (494 games)

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