February 9, 2015

Why so anti-science?

Science is generally trustworthy.

Say it with me.

"Science is generally trustworthy."

See, not everybody in the United States understands that.

The Pew Research Center recently did a study looking at the general beliefs of the United States public and of the scientific community.

Turns out that the viewpoints of those two groups are radically different.

And that's a problem because we kind of depend on science for a whole lot of the awesomness that is our modern world.

Without animal testing, we would be without all of our modern medicines.

There are clearly a whole bunch of issues with public, wrong-headed beliefs that vaccines cost lives instead of  the truths that they save millions of lives and that the only research article that found links between autism and vaccines was entirely discredited. No, what kills people is the lack of vaccines (see California's current measles outbreak).

Even our Congressional leaders, the newest Congress, is among the most anti-science Congresses in history.

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