June 30, 2015


There are so many things to say about Kanye and particularly about his performance at Glasontbury from this past week.

We have to remember that his voice is actually awful, as the above video shows us. He can't sing. He can't carry a tune in a bucket without electronic assistance.

His electronic voice, however, is fascinating and musical, and this, I think, has to be viewed as an instrument in his case. Most trumpet players I know can't make trumpet sounds without the assistance of their instrument, and Kanye can't make musical noises without his electronic assistance.

He's also a fascinating showman. His set, the gigantic rig of white spotlights, must have been gorgeous for the crowd, and it makes for brilliant television, providing gorgeous silhouettes of a solo black man stalking an empty stage in front of the spotlights.

But I would imagine that watching a single person stalk an empty stage under lights too bright to stare directly into would've made for awful watching from anything but the most close-to-the-stage fans.

Oh, and Kanye brings out the dumbest in people...

I will forever say that I think Kanye's public persona is as obnoxious as it comes, but he produces some outstanding music.

He is probably a pretty intelligent man - building a public persona that has made him rich beyond any level I could ever imagine.

I wish I could somehow listen to his music without knowing anything about him, but that seems to be impossible.

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