June 2, 2015

Perfection on various courts

I love the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

Mostly, anyway. Really, I love the existence of and idea of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

The execution of the Hall, though, is sadly dated and a bit stale.

Yes, I loved watching the introductory slide show the first time I saw it, but that was twenty-some years ago when the Hall opened.

And many of the exhibits were interesting...the first time.

I've, in fact, thought about donating a couple days of my summer time to help the Hall do some of the grunt work around the place, relabeling, correcting, dusting, whatever-they-needing.

I am more than excited (ecstatic, joyous, bubbly, thrilled), however, that the Hall is filming a replacement introductory video.

They've been filming some pretty impressive, Indiana basketball greats (both men and women) in some pretty outstanding locations...
  • Damon Bailey in Bedford's gym (wish they'd visited Seymour High School)
  • Larry Bird in...maybe his restaurant in Terre Haute
  • Oscar Robertson in...maybe his house
  • Steve Alford in the New Castle Fieldhouse, largest high school gym in the world and one of my favorite sports venues
  • George McGinnis in Indianapolis Washington High School
  • Bobby Plump in Hinkle Fieldhouse
  • Stephanie White in Banker's Life Fieldhouse
  • Katie Douglas (ok, I don't know her) in Southport High School's gym
  • Judi Warren (1st Miss Basketball) in Hinkle Fieldhouse
Check out the photos on their Facebook post about the new film. Here are a couple of my favorites.

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