June 1, 2015

Thinking about 100 wise words

Allegedly, "an econ teacher gave his senior high school students his personal list of wisest words...and they make a lot of sense."

Thoughts about them...
  • 2 - I'm gonna disagree. Text messaging is more and more acceptable.
  • 4 - Valid...always be more generous than you think you should be.
  • 5 - Disagree again. You aren't part of the home team. You aren't a Red or a Bengal or a Buckeye - unless you attended Ohio State University yourself. Otherwise, you aren't part of 'we.' The government this, yes, 'we' are part of the government.
  • 9 - Know your audience. Sometimes you have to dumb things down for the audience. Don't undersell them, but sometimes you have to bring the level down to them.
  • 13 - We're all entitled to legroom and comfort. The means the person in front of you is allowed to kick back.
  • 14 - First fish? Who gives a crap? I'd say to take picture of everything - your first house, first dog, first boy/girlfriend, date, anything.
  • 17 - True...they need to know it all.
  • 18 - I'm not a gun guy, but this one's totally true.
  • 20 - That's sometimes tough, but yes, wear their presents at least once in their presence.
  • 21 - For a week
  • 22 - Man, sometimes bread is awesome.
  • 23 - Seriously, who gives a crap about an autograph. That'll just end up in a drawer somewhere. The handshake, though, is a far better memory.
  • 27 - I'd say do it about a week before.
  • 31 - I need to take that advice, myself.
  • 33 - No, it isn't ever too late. Apologize if you were wrong - or even if you weren't but they think you were.
  • 38 - It's not funny. Don't push anybody into a pool or off a dock.
  • 39 - Yeah, if she wants you to know, she'll offer.
  • 42 - When giving any speech, really.
  • 47 - Be appreciative. Don't say, "oh, is it..." because the best that happens is that you ruin the surprise and the worst is that you make them think you want something other than what they got you. No good either way...
  • 55 - Say less rather than more, always.
  • 56 - See #33.
  • 59 - Add in everybody who helps or serves you, anyone who makes your life easier by them doing their job. Admittedly, I have no idea how or when to tip, though.
  • 60 - Correct. The person you're with is more important than whoever is on the other end of the call.
  • 62 - One clean one, one dirty one, one short, one long...match the joke to the audience.
  • 63 - We're all trying to do our best. Nobody deserves to be boo'ed.
  • 67 - It's okay to do just about anything by yourself. If there's a restaurant that you want to eat at, a movie you want to see, a view you want to see, do it whether you have somebody there with you or not.
  • 69 - Be strong. Be sure of yourself. Be assertive. But don't lose your cool.
  • 70 - See #59.
  • 72 - I'm awful about that one.
  • 74 - It's far more valuable than talking.
  • 75 - Possibly more important than anything else on the list.
  • 76 - Yup...back row is for people who aren't interested in being there. Don't be that person.
  • 80 - Occasionally that's not the case. Everybody has their thing.
  • 82 - I should do that.
  • 97 - Nobody needs to see a sourpuss.

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