December 1, 2008

Because I've missed before

Never know how long these will be up and running, folks, so take a listen now, especially to the first one if nothing else...

Richard and Teddy Thompson on "Persuasion" - my nominee for most beautiful / heart-wrenching song ever

And to see how brilliant the above performance is, compare it to this one of the same song performed by the other guy who cowrote it

And I'll add a few more new Richard Thompson performances...

"I Feel So Good"

"1952 Vincent Black Lightning"

"Oops, I Did it Again"

"Dad's Gonna Kill Me" (about Baghdad)

"Hots for the Smarts"

"Solitary Life"

"Sights & Sounds of London Town"

"Bright Lights"


"Mingus Eyes"

Covering "Woodstock"

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