December 17, 2008

To me through the ether

Two great things from NPR recently...

Very cool story about the architects of the Philadelphia Sound, Gamble & Huff. They've got a new box set out of their work, and I'm in need of a little library hunting because it sounds awesome.

The other bit is from the great show "Wait, wait, don't tell me..." which airs down here every Sunday sometime in the afternoon depending on the station. It's the Bluff the Listener game, and this week's segment was hilarious. The poultry farmer caller plays along beautifully, and the third bluff the listener - from Mo Rocka - is amazing. It's a six and a half minute clip, but it's genius. The farmer disavows any carnal knowledge of his stock - though he does admit to getting lonely - and the final story from Rocka - about Nigeria knockouts, is well worth the price of admission.

Spectacular stuff this week, folks.

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