December 16, 2008

I get it now

So The Girl went out and threw down enough cash - in full "let's get the economy rolling again" mode - to get us Mario Kart for the Wii - mostly, I think because she could get a second racing wheel - from Nerf - in her color green.

After playing it pretty much every day for three weeks now, I can happily say the following things:
  • The game is awesome.
  • The Girl is a horrible Mario Kart driver.
  • The bikes are way harder than the karts.
  • I hate the blue shells with an absolute passion.
  • The wikipedia mention that the randomness of the game is frustrating to some players fits me perfectly. Arrggghhh.
Get yourself a wii, folks...they're awesome.


TL said...

Now you have to get me your Wii Mario Kart number so we can all play online! I'm not too shabby at it, but I've only had the chance to play it three times so you'll wipe the floor with me... Fun!
I rather like Mario Party 8 too, have you tried that one?
Walmart is selling a bunch of Wii games 2 for $70, I think, might be worth checking out. I never shop there but found out about it on

Bdubba said...

I can rock the bikes. Pop wheelies = go faster! If there is a ledge to fall off of....I fall. Need your cart #! Hubs has unlocked everything except one thing. He is much better than me but I can hold my own. :)

PHSChemGuy said...

TL - I'll send it via email. Don't want all the freaks on this blog to Wiistalk me. Haven't tried any of the Mario Parties. I'll have to check those out.

And, wow, on the slickdeals site. Good stuff. Thanks.

BDubba - I haven't tried to Kart channel yet, so I'll have to figure out my cart# and then I'll get it your way. I've got most of the karts and characters unlocked, but not all of them. It's a challenge here and there still.