February 10, 2009

Guess the movie (part II)

Continuing with yesterday's theme...all these folks - plus all the folks from yesterday - worked in the same movie together...

Favorite Judge Reinhold movies
  1. Beverly Hills Cop
  2. Stripes
  3. Gremlins
  4. Ruthless People
  5. Beverly Hills Cop II
  6. Honorable mention to Clerks: the cartoon and Pandemonium
    mystery movie would come in at #1
Favorite Jennifer Jason Leigh movies
  1. Short Cuts
  2. Road to Perdition
  3. The Hudsucker Proxy
  4. Rush
  5. Single White Female
  6. ...mystery movie would come in at #2
Favorite Sean Penn movies
  1. Thin Red Line
  2. Sweet & Lowdown
  3. Mystic River
  4. Dead Man Walking
  5. 21 Grams
  6. ...mystery movie would come in at #2
Favorite Phoebe Cates movies
  1. Bodies, Rest, and Motion
  2. I Love You to Death
  3. Gremlins
  4. Drop Dead Fred
  5. Gremlins 2
  6. ...mystery movie would come in at #1
Favorite Cameron Crowe movies
  1. Almost Famous
  2. Singles
  3. Jerry McGuire
  4. Say Anything
  5. Elizabethtown
  6. ...mystery movie would come in at #2
So, who knows it?


PHSChemGuy said...

In case anybody wanted to play firstsies, CoachSullivan emailed me with the correct answer overnight. Apparently it only took him to Ray Walston on the first post.

All others are still eligible to play, just not to win the No Prize.

calencoriel said...

Fast Times at Ridgemont High...

No Amy Heckerling top 5?

DanEcht said...

Got it with Phoebe Cates...won't say I'm quick on the pick up. Also, way to go, spoiler. I'm talking to you, Calen.

calencoriel said...

You're just mad I beat you by 14 minutes, Echt...

DanEcht said...

A little, yes. But still...spoiler.

coldnorthgamer said...

I figured it out at Jennifer Jason Leigh. My first thought was "was Nicholas Cage in that?" when I saw Reinhold.

PHSChemGuy said...

Calen, you are a horrible spoiler.

Gamer...Cage had a small part which is why I started with him.