February 20, 2009

The myriad Hallelujah

"Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen...in various versions...much discussed and lauded...

by the writer and originator, Leonard Cohen

by Allison Crowe

by Sheryl Crow

by Bob Dylan

by John Cale

by Jeff Buckley - sadly un-embeddable

by kd Lang

by Rufus Wainwright

by four Norwegian singers - again, no embedding

by Damien Leith

by Damien Rice

one of thousands of montages


achilles3 said...

The Buckley version gets me every time

cmorin said...

Yea, I am a big fan of Buckley's other music as well, but his performance of this song is just amazing.

I also think this song doesn't sound right when song by a women. I don't know, but that is just my opinion.

Mr. Echt said...

They're using the original version of this song in Watchmen. Ten bucks says that it isn't after the picture of the Minutemen is taken.

Katydid said...

I think that I like the original the least.

This song to me will always be Jeff Buckley's.

joey said...

can't disagree with ya on the man's song opinion. damien rice's is the best of the one's i hadn't heard

PHSChemGuy said...

Buckley's version is gorgeous, true - far prettier than Cohen's.

CMorin - I'm thinking that the female voice sounds wrong because Buckley's version (and Wainright's and Rice's even) are so distinctively male. It's a tough thing to switch what we hear in our head.

Mr Echt - when the heck are they using this in Watchmen?

Katydid - it's the version we all know and love.

Joey - I kinda like Alison Crowe's, myself.

Erich said...

Zack Snyder is a big fan of Allison Crowe. Her version is my favorite. Now I heard Crowe before I heard the male versions so maybe that's my imprinting. Though, it's more the style and sound I'm feeling. The overly sad/slow sounding covers don't move me.

Mr. Echt said...

Judging by this:

They'll be using it sometime before the snow scenes, maybe on Mars? It'd be appropriate for Dr. Manhattan's reattachment to the importance of life and the visual effects of Mars.