February 19, 2009

Simple enough, eh?

Looks like a school district with which we share a border has completely canceled spring break.

We're still looking at three possible options for making up the two days we still owe the kids, the district, and the state...
  • Shorten spring break. Currently we're at seven days off - a full week plus the Friday before and Monday after. This option would scrap the Friday before and Monday after, leaving us a full week. This one's unlikely because those would have to be negotiated by the union as they're contracted off days.
  • Go to school on June 1 & 2 - two days later than we would've gone. This one's unlikely because retiring teachers would have to miss those two days - something about the retirement needing to start at the end of a month. I don't understand, but my union rep said that it's important.
  • Add ten minutes to the school day starting next week. This looks to be the easiest one. I don't know that it's the most effective one, but it does at least get us the made up time before the OGT and AP tests, so that's something.

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PHSChemGuy said...

In case anybody was curious, PCSD's decision was announced today - two days added in June.