April 22, 2010

Endorsing the Tweakers

I got a set of speakers for my laptop a while back - Philips SBA220 - mostly because they were half off when a store in Kenwood Mall was going out of business.  I think I paid around $15 for the two connected speakers, and - once I started using them, roughly when I blew my laptop's tiny speakers - I was pretty happy with them.

They produce pretty good sound for their size.  They light enough and have a decently long cord so they can sit on each side of my admittedly larger laptop easily enough.  But there is one significant drawback to them. 

They take six AAA batteries.

And they use those batteries like nobody's business.

And it sucks recharging a half dozen batteries over and over again and not being able to listen to music for the few hours it takes to charge 'em back up.

So I went and stole The Girl's laptop speakers instead because they don't take any batteries (technically they run on one internal, rechargeable battery but I've yet to kill the full battery after having used them for months a couple of hours at a time).  Admittedly, the sounds a little thinner, but the speakers are smaller, more attractive, and have way awesome battery life.

I'm all down with and can officially endorse the Tweakers.

If you're in need of speakers for you iPod, laptop, whatever, get yourself a pair.

They frickin' rock.

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