April 2, 2010

Take your spaghetti tree and shove it

I hate April Fools Day.

Hate it.

I don't like practical jokes, and I especially don't like practical jokes played on me - thankfully there weren't any of those this year.

Every frickin' day, I wake up and head to the intertubes to check out what's up in the world.  And on this day, this frickin' day, I get tired of every website posting something that's a stupid joke.

A twenty-cd collection of NPR fundraising announcements?  Dumb

Google renaming themselves to Topeka?  Dumb

Rob Neyer's Thursday links being all hoaxes?  Dumb

When there were fewer media outlets, the occasional practical joke was funny.  Now, however, that there are countless media outlets - that every company and person has its own blog - and they all feel the need to write or post or read or tell something that they think is funny, it's simply April Fools overload.

Cut it out, folks.

There has been one funny April Fools gag.  One.

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