April 16, 2010

The new hotness

Florence and the Machine "DOG DAYS ARE OVER" Music Video from LEGS MEDIA on Vimeo.

It's not the video - that's awful.

It's the music.

I grabbed Florence + the Machine's album Lungs from the library a few days back and have been playing it fairly constantly at school and in the car since then.  Generally good feedback from the students - not that it always matters to me - makes me think that there might be a few other folks out there who might also enjoy it.

Check the video (thanks to coilhouse) or head over to their/her website to stream four of the album tracks or stream the full album on the garish Artist Direct site.

As pretty much always, thanks to NPR for pointing Florence out to me.


joey said...

catchy little ditty ya got there

calencoriel said...

Frightening video...like a trainwreck, that.

This also explains why we never go to concerts together.

CrimsonMirage said...

My sister turned me onto them a few months ago...I am a big fan of Rabbit Heart.

PHSChemGuy said...

Joey - that's what I'm saying. There are a bunch of other songs on the album that I like better, too. Check the stuff on her homepage.

Calen - Clearly...differing tastes.

CrimsonMirage - Then why didn't you tell me about them? C'mon, throw a ChemGuy a bone.

achilles3 said...

you must have stopped reading my blog chemster:-(
i blew florence up a while back.

achilles3 said...