June 4, 2010

On a diet - financially and calorically

I want Wii Sports Resort, wanna go out and buy it tonight to celebrate the start of summer so I have some new game to conquer before mid-August rolls around.

But I'm not gonna do that, not yet anyway.

Instead, I'm gonna go on a little diet - a diet of finances and calories at the same time cause I clearly need to get both of those things under a bit of control.

I'm a pudgy boy who's willing to stop by the ice cream store once a week (or twice...maybe three or four times), and that tends to add up to a bunch of dollars spent and a few thousand extra calories dropped into my ever-expanding gullet.

It's not the meal-time eating that's a problem.  Yeah, I could have a slightly smaller bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios in the morning, and I could maybe not quite finish that entree, but what I really need to do is to cut out the mid-meal snacking, the impulse buying, the peanut butter malt and the cookie dough wizzard made with peanut butter ice cream.

So, here's what we're gonna do.

I'm setting aside $10 a week - probably not a concrete $10, I tend not to always have the exact cash around - but an electronic $10.  Every time I snack on anything unhealthy between meals - potato chips, can of coke, hamburger bun with butter and cherry-strawberry-kiwi jelly, that costs me $1.  If I stop to buy something, that comes out of the $10, too.

Every Sunday morning, that's a fresh $10 into the bank and an update sent to you folks on where my progress is financially.  If I start to get a little more serious about things, I'll start a poundage update here and there, but I'm gonna need to start exercising before I go to anything quite that extreme.

So far, I'm at $10 three or so days into experiment week one.

Once I get into the range of buying that new Wii game, I'll be a little happier.

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