June 13, 2010

Update: On a diet - financially and calorically

We're two weeks into the diet plan - not weighing myself yet, maybe that'll start this week - and I've made one adjustment: every time I get outside and get some exercise done (could be walking for a couple of hours around Chicago, could be mowing the lawn, could be grubbing the flower beds - as long as I'm sweating for a while, it counts) I earn an extra $1.

At this point, two weeks in, I have $21 in the bank.  Cheated three times, exercised four times (not great for two weeks, but it's a start).

And I'm dying to spend the $21 - new Mad About You DVDs on Amazon...new Kate Nash album...Lego collectible minifigs...Wii Sports Resorts...ice cream in all its myriad forms...

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