June 13, 2010

Who is Alvin Greene?

So just who the heck is Alvin Greene?

The quick facts so far...
  • Greene's the democratic nominee for US Senate.
  • He's an unemployed Army veteran with an involuntary but honorable discharge in August of last year.
  • He was arrested for felony obscenity charges in November and is still facing an indictment from - according to the AP - "show[ing] photos to a woman and talked about going to her room at a university dorm."
  • He didn't campaign in any outwardly visible sense.
  • What he did do - pay the initial $10,400 filing fee - came from a personal check.
  • His answers to Keith Olberman in the above interview are comedically brief, uncharacteristically so for a politician seeking office.
  • He whomped his opponent by a 59-41% margin.
  • He didn't have a campaign website or run any print or video ads for his campaign.
  • Greene raised $114 in campaign funds.
  • Greene doesn't crack a smile in either of the videos that I've seen of him.
All kinds of possibilities exist...
  • The man's an incredibly private person who doesn't want to talk about all his hard work behind the scenes.  Yet he's running for a very public office.
  • Somebody is putting up a patsy to get slaughtered by the Republican nominee.
  • The 'e' at the end of the last name Greene identified Greene as African-American which identified with a largely African-American electorate.  (Not my theory, by the way)
  • Something horrifically fishy is going on.
  • Mr. Smith really is going to Washington.
  • The open primary system - allowing anyone to vote in the Democratic primary of South Carolina, mentioned right at the end of of Olberman's interview - let a lot of Republicans cross over and vote for Alvin Greene.

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