August 18, 2010

For the newbies...

Every year I get a few new readers as I point my students to my class website - which now has a non-hidden link to this blog - and thought I'd take a moment to point out a couple of things that might be helpful to them.

There's the PHS wikipedia page that I originally created and wrote but that has since been heavily - and occasionally vulgarly - edited.

There's the Picasa Web account where I now post all of my school photos.  No personal photos there, just stuff that happens related to PHS.  At the moment, it goes back to pictures of basketball in the 08-09 school year, but I have two more years worth of photos to upload.  They'll be up there as this year goes onward.

Just this past week I created a PHS Pasta for Pennies facebook page where we (Calen and I) will be posting events and campaign updates.  This won't replace the campaign's main website, but it'll be an easy way for the facebook crüe to keep track of the campaign.  For example, we already have four incentives listed up there and will hopefully be adding more this week.

If you're curious about the title of the blog, feel free to go back and see the origin of the phrase as well as the series of columns that grew out of it.

If you're actually looking to learn something about me, feel free to click on the narcissism tag over in the cloud. 

I tend to use nicknames around here, mostly because I'm not sure that everyone wants to have their real names spread far and wide on the intertubes.  You can check an old list of who those nicknames are in this post.

Now I have a favor to ask of the non-newbies around here.  What posts would you recommend for the newbies to check out?  It can be a post that says something important about me, a post that links to something fun, a post that sums up the pointlessness of this blog...whatever.


calencoriel said...

I would like to clarify my definition however...

It should read, "I work for her" or "she's my department chair" since you work with many other women who comment on this blog from time to time and I'm narcissistic enough to want to be recognized.

joey said...

it is an honor and a privilege to be mentioned - by my govt. name no less - in your nicknames post.

For complete disclosure: I am also known as "Ruff Ryder" in some early comments.

Katydid said...

Hi noobs! I haven't had Dusch in five years, and I still read this daily. Appreciate his teaching - it prepares you for higher science classes.

I think the "Things that Matter" posts are a good place to start...

Smamy said...

Welcome to the noobs!

I was fortunate to actually know the ChemGuy when he was the "ChemStudent" and was even more fortunate to read the original IDTMI as it came out in each edition of the Bachelor (Wabash Newspaper). I highly recommend returning to the original installments and take a peek back into time. I think you will be amazed that even then, the ChemStudent had an amazing ability to put words to paper. I still read the site daily.

Agree with Katydid. When you have finished the originals, the next series to catch up on is definitely "What matters to me".

DanEcht said...

The alphabet music posts - or any music posts, really. They give a good background. Also any posts that mention Scotland.

PHSChemGuy said...

You guys have no idea how great your comments made me feel. I know that my audience for this blog is a small one, but to get compliments like these makes me remember that it's a very high quality audience.

Joey - JGed RuffRyder hasn't been around here for a while. I like you just going by Joey.

Calen - then why - when I fill out my beginning of the year info form - do I put that my 'immediate supervisor' is the principal out of whose office I get mail? If you're my boss, shouldn't you be my 'immediate supervisor'?

Katydid - Thanks for the kind words. I'll keep going on the infrequent 'things that matter' series.

Smamy - Thanks for the kind words from you, too. You were a great proof reader way back when, providing much needed feedback even though I didn't always recognize it at the time.

DanEcht - Scotland had a lot to do with me realizing who I am and shaping who I've become, so that's not surprising. Interesting that you would pick the alphabet music posts. I remember a quote from a movie saying that you learned who someone was by learning what they liked. In some way, I agree with that. We are - to some extent - the amalgams of popular culture that we choose to make ourselves.

Seriously, guys. You rock.