August 28, 2010

Happy Read Comics in Public Day!

Short list for today...good times, though...I'm off to BrewHaHa tonight.  Feel free to stop by our booth and support the campaign.


    coachsullivan said...

    Thoughts on the trailers:

    Watchmen - the music was really intriguing and set a mood for it, and yet it really didn't tell anything about the movie. Based on this, I really had no desire to go see it and had to be dragged there by my wife.

    The Strangers - freaked me out so much, never saw the movie.

    Spiderman - too many quick cuts, doesn't tell me enough about the story...not that it kept me from going out and seeing it the first weekend.

    Lord Of The Rings - I couldn't tell, was this an advertisement for the movies or a celebration of the wonders of Blu-Ray?

    The Matrix - does an outstanding job of hinting at the amazing special effects that made this flick so revolutionary.

    The Bishop's Wife - definitely unique...haven't seen the movie but it's got my curiosity up.

    Schindler's List - makes you wonder how anyone ever went to go watch this, the trailer is just so heavy.

    Red Eye - don't usually see such a dramatic twist in the mood of a trailer like you do in this one.

    The Blair Witch Project - wow!

    Miracle On 34th Street - pretty inventive, definitely had me chuckling despite not showing really any footage from the movie itself.

    Cloverfield - never saw it, but I have goosebumps on my right leg after watching the trailer!

    Alien - not a word spoken...evokes a feeling of claustraphobia...very eerie.

    PHSChemGuy said...

    I knew I was seeing Watchmen the moment I heard it was being made. The trailer didn't matter to me. The title sequence, however, may be the best ever filmed.

    I've avoided Strangers for the same reason. Supposed to be pretty horrific.

    Hadn't noticed that Spider-Man was nothing but the quick cuts, but it doesn't spend much time on many of the scenes, does it?

    I agree about The Bishop's Wife.

    People - me included - went to see Schindler's because it was Spielberg's art movie, not because of the trailer.

    Red Eye's trailer is shocking. I hadn't ever seen it. Good movie, though.

    Blair Witch terrified me the only time I saw it. I don't know that I ever want to see it again. The trailer does a great job conveying that.

    I'm partial to Dr Strangelove, think that's a great, great trailer.

    I remember when Cloverfield came out, no one knew what the hell the movie was about. Why the party, why the video for Rob, what kind of movie was this? Amazingly effective trailer.

    As for Alien, how the hell do you not use any words and still make it that creepy?