August 10, 2010

Patt Miller on NBC tonight

Just got this on the school email today and thought I'd pass it along for anybody with a PHS connection.  One of my former students, Patt Miller, is gonna be on NBC's America's Got Talent tonight,

Below is the full sum details that I know, so don't know when in the show he'll be on or how long he'll be getting, but it's kinda cool.

Here's the kind of stuff that I'm expecting Patt to be doing...

Passing along this tip:
Seems Princeton High grad Patrick Miller, who grew up in Springdale, is having one very eventful week.
He served as the best man at a fellow Princeton grad’s wedding on Saturday.
And tonight….
He’s competing on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” show tonight 9 p.m.

Miller is owner of A Slice of New York pizza in Columbus.

His YouTube video was one of 12 selected from 20,000 submissions.

Update: The show really hammed everything up with the YouTube folks - adding in big backgrounds, soundtracks, pointless pyrotechnics for Patt, other people on the stage (Patt had a hottie waitress up there with him, for example).  Patt represented himself really well - probably my favorite of all the acts - barely managing to not set the hottie waitress on fire when he chucked one of the two pizzas past her as she brought in the flaming pizza for him to toss.  And he held up to the judges' criticism fairly well - promising to toss three pizzas on fire next time if he gets to come back.

Feel free to give Patt some love...give a call to 1-866-60-ACT-08...or text Vote to 4808 (apparently by two hours after the show ends - by 1am East Coast time tonight).

Can't find any video from tonight's show online yet, but here's one of him performing yesterday.

Update #2: C'mon, man.  Te guy two after Patt was a total pro magician.  Creepy trick and all, but it's a little different from just a schmuck doing tricks.


calencoriel said...

We probably should have stopped in to see Patt last week...

PHSChemGuy said...

Yeah, I kind of thought about that today when this came through the email. His place is like two blocks from where our class was.

calencoriel said...

Clearly...we're dumb.