August 5, 2010

Need vs want

There is nothing here that I need, nothing at all.

But there are quite a few things that I want.  No clue what I would do with military-ribbon-style pins commemorating me as a veteran of the console wars (I've earned #s 1 & 4) or with the arcade buttons or the gold ballad pin, but they're just so darn cool that I'd be tempted to buy 'em if they weren't ridiculously priced - and in British pounds even.

C'mon, folks, get with the program and adopt the world currency already.


DanEcht said...

I have an old Navy uniform sweater that would make a good match for a couple of these, but the pricing is a bit much for me.

My boss wears silly bandz. I'll say no more on the subject.

Slug said...

I miss the DreamCast. Luckily I still have two.

PHSChemGuy said...

DanEcht - Your boss is an adult, right? 'Cause at some point wearing something like that - even as irony - doesn't cut it.

Slug - keep 'em. hang on to 'em with a death grip. I let my Sega go a decade or so ago, and I wish I'd kept it and the NHL hockey that went with it.