April 19, 2013

Don't join the tribe but maybe take a look

I'll admit that some tumblrs tend to annoy me.

I get that you (the tumblr's author) likes that picture. But if you're going to make some vague comment about the picture and assume everybody in the world gets exactly what you're saying, all you're doing is shrinking your audience.

Every picture of a dog sniffing a flower followed with 'am I right?' or still of a television show with 'best ever' when I have no clue what show it's from, pushes me just a little further away.

That being said, there have been a bunch of tumblrs that I have followed for a few weeks before being pushed away. They can have interesting stretches here and there.

Today's newest intrigue is Tribe of the Strange with its Spanish graffiti, historical tracking of Roger Ebert's Blade Runner reviews, colorized photos of great scientists, death of Galactus, stories of Willy Wonka, and its Planetary panels.

Check it out, maybe?

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