April 24, 2013

Vaccines are not harmful

Vaccines help us.

They do not cause autism.

They do not cause intestinal distress.

The only study that ever showed that they caused those problems was a lie.

Jenny McCarthy is killing people.

Read it - with pictures - here.

Get with the herd, folks.


Smamy said...

Thank you! People need to stop listening to politicians and actors/actresses for their scientific knowledge. It is ok to be cautious and skeptical, but don't if you don't understand the science, find a scientist you trust to help inform you....not the hostess of Singled Out.

Jennette said...

Once again, you rock! The best part of this post is, "Jenny McCarthy is killing people." What makes her a scientist or an expert? She is a mom and wants to find a cause for her kid's autism. I get that. Autism is a scary thing. However, as a mom she should be protecting her child from the things that she can prevent such as measles. NC just reported a "measles outbreak" last week and I am thankful I followed the herd & got my kid vaccinated.

PHSChemGuy said...

Agreed to both comments.

Smamy - A healthy skepticism is a wonderful thing, but the anti-vaccine thing isn't skepticism, it's a witchhunt against science.

Jennette - I accept that Jenny McCarthy is trying to do good. I assume that she believes she is fighting for kids who can't fight for themselves, but she's fighting a drastically misguided fight.