April 2, 2013

The joke is so obvious he already made it himself

...but I like steak...

I can't imagine eating this concoction of balanced nutritional...um...nutritional slime.

Upon further clicking, though, I can see that it appears the inventor of - I swear he's calling it this - Soylent actually has done some research into the nutritional needs of himself.

The original post - titled "How I Stopped Eating Food" - goes through the reasoning for the 'scientist' attempting the experiment upon himself. Seriously, he's experimenting on himself and eating nothing but largely colorless, tasteless, nutritional slime for thirty days. In a second post the 'scientist' goes through the exact nutritional contents of the Soylent and asks for some volunteers to join him in his experiments. After two months of a 92% Soylent diet, Rob gave us a second check-in and seems pretty happy.

Anybody interested in shifting to an all-gruel diet?


achilles3 said...

I saw this a few weeks ago and emailed the guy saying I would totally try it.
I don't think he was into shipping it to Seoul.

I'm all about it!

PHSChemGuy said...

I'm curious as to why you'd sign up?

Low cost of food? Curiosity? Desire to stop chewing?

achilles3 said...

I'm a vegetarian/mostly vegan.
I see food as fuel.
I don't mind that other people see it as fun/social but I find it a waste of time.
I eat a fruit/veg/soy smoothie for bfast every morning
a veg based/brown rice/soy/bean/humus jambalaya each lunch
and a whole grain pasta with red sauce and veg dish for each dinner.
Have now for about the past 4 years.

I'm also the healthiest mentally and physically I've ever been in my life.

So I figure why not give it a try!

PHSChemGuy said...

I get that it's just fuel, but I think I'd get entirely bored. I can go a few days eating the same thing, but not weeks and months.

Does the Missus get bored with the food routine, or does she eat differently?

achilles3 said...

She eats much more like normal people for sure. She eats meat. At the same time I think she's taken on some of my "silliness".

Makes me think about the current "dinner table" too. When we eat plays a big part of what/how. We don't eat many meals together because of work schedules and stuff.

Heck who knows though...might switch back any day!