April 11, 2013

Map of the United States of Movies

I'm not happy with many of these choices.

In particular, I would take The Descendants or Pearl Harbor over Tora! Tora! Tora! for Hawaii.

Texas feels like it should have something far greater than No Country, but I'll admit that I can't come up with what it should be.

I might've gone with Roger & Me for Michigan.

Good calls - Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington (though I actually thought First Blood was in Oregon), California (even though there are dozens of other movies that could qualify, Fast Times sums up the surfer thing well), Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, and New York.

Some of the states don't mean anything to me as far as movies go - Maryland, Delaware, and lots of New England, for example.

Kentucky feels really wrong. Isn't there some horse racing movie that would top Kalifornia?

Help me improve this map, won't you?


achilles3 said...

Texas should be Dazed and Confused!
and I would take The Big Labowski in CA over Fast Times.

coachsullivan said...

New York - The Godfather or Gangs Of New York
Alaska - Insomnia
Kentucky - Coal Miner's Daughter
Minnesota - Grumpy Old Men
Louisiana - Interview With The Vampire
Arizona - Tombstone
North Dakota - Fargo
Indiana - Hoosiers is obvious, but 1B would be Breaking Away

PHSChemGuy said...

California's a tough one. I'd put _LA Story_ in there, too. _Lebowski_ seems right, and so does _Fast Times_.

I thought _Fargo_ was in Minnesota?

I thought about _Breaking Away_ for Indiana, but _Hoosiers_ is such a strong image.