September 11, 2013

My summer project

I didn't accomplish a lot from my to-do list this summer.

Admittedly, I did teach four weeks of material science summer camps around the country (U of Indy, BYU, U of Alabama, and U of Houston Downtown). I - and The Girl - also went camping for a few days in Pennsylvania. We also got a new dog and had a rough week where we lost an old dog and our cat.

But...through all of that, I did accomplish one thing on the to-do list: make Lego minifigure display cases.

Take a look...and, I offer a big thanks to Toki, whose instructions were invaluable.

The first display case has my collectible minifigure sets, series 1-9.

They're in order from series 1 up top to series 9 at the bottom. As you can see, the latter series (5-9) are entirely complete. Series 4 is missing one figure (Hazmat Guy) who is being shipped to me from Spain right now in trade. Series 3 is missing two figures (Baseball Player and Elf with bow). Series 2 has a few more gaps: skier, pharaoh, vampire, and spartan. Series 1 is largely incomplete, still needing cowboy, Robin Hood, astronaut, ninja, nurse, wrestler, robot, skateboarder, zombie, clown, cheerleader, and Indian with bow.

Here's a closer look at the woefully incomplete upper levels.

The next case has series 10 and - since I got the full series last week - will have series 11 once I get around to sticking the new guys down.

The final case may be a bit of a struggle to follow my organization.

Top row - soccer players
Second row - NBA players and Viking chess figures
Third row - Chima and police figures (I need to replace one that I had to cannibalize for trade parts)
Fourth row - city folk
Fifth row - ninjas, self-cast minifigures, more city folk
Sixth row - more ninja/Asian figures, pirates, birthday boy, bride and groom
Seventh row - superheros and villains
Eight row - space figures
Ninth row - more space, Harry Potter, LotR, and ghosts
Tenth row - islanders and forestmen
Eleventh row - court figures and knights
Twelfth row - expansion space

I'm particularly proud of that fifth row because that contains figures that very few other people in the world would have.

The first five (blue, green, white, yellow, and red) are made from IASCO's EuroCast and were cast around the country this summerin the workshops. The sixth is made from tin and was cast in Calen's classroom last spring.

I do need to figure out how to get those guys to sit more upright, but I'm still really frickin' proud of them.

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