September 2, 2013

SubZero was so cool!

On one of my many travels this summer, I was lucky enough to get to visit SubZero, an ice cream store that makes their ice cream to-order with big squirts of liquid nitrogen.

The menu was a bit daunting with options on top of options:
  • 5 six cream bases (premium, lowfat, custard, yogurt, non-dairy, soy/rice)
  • 47 flavors (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla...citric acid, watermelon, Mt Dew, cotton candy...)
  • 33 mix-ins (berries, chocolate flakes, Andes mints, mangoes, bubblegum...)
  • various consistencies from soft serve to hard frozen
 ...but I managed to make a few choices and get to the sweet treat. Turns out the quick-freezing action of liquid nitrogen makes for a very smooth ice cream because the ice crystals never have a chance to grow large and make for grainy ice cream. The on-demand production lets them have all the options for everybody to order.

And it turns out it makes outstanding ice cream...with a show.

It's a blast. Give it a try if you're ever in the area. The closest to me (where I am in Cincinnati) is in downtown Cincinnati.

 Plus they do some pretty cool-looking educational outreach...

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