September 17, 2013

Update: The Grammy Curse

In a post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Calen and I had a conversation over the summer about the alleged Grammy Curse but that I had lost the original discussion records.

But they have been found...

We broke the various winners for Grammy's Best New Artist and lumped them into categories of very-much-arbitrary career value: Huge, Solid, Minor, or One-Hit-Wonder. At the time we found the following breakdown:
  • Huge - 3
  • Solid - 16
  • Minor - 19
  • One-Hit Wonder - 13
That's not necessarily a major curse, though it's clearly not evidence of perfect long-term choices.


Smamy said...

My suspicions have been confirmed. My only major disagreement with the first post was the inclusion of Mariah Carey in the top category. I agree she has had a solid career, but I think it is more in line with CSN than the Beatles. In the original notes, Carey appears in the SOLID category, can you officially demote her to that position, it would make me feel better. Besides, as we learn in school you should never go against your initial guy feeling on tests.

Smamy said...

Gut feelings. I hate autocorrect

PHSChemGuy said...

Gimme a couple of days. I'm working on a rebuttal as a full post for next week.

An abstract: I don't like her music, but she has the number to justify Huge.