June 15, 2007

Antioch is dead...long live Antioch


I remember chatting with Sully a while back on whether it's possible for a college to close its doors, and it looks like it's finally happening. Antioch is broke. They're gonna shut their doors - supposedly not for good - on July 1, 2008. Apparently the financial drag of $27K tuition a year with little state funding has finally taken its toll, and the mecca for political correctness is folding like a cheap suit.

Turns out - and I had no idea - that Antioch has seven campuses - including the home base of Yellow Springs. According to the admin, the remaining students will get to go to Antioch College McGregor, also in Yellow Springs to finish up with degrees.

I know a couple fo people who went to Antioch, and they said it was an interesting place, certainly one of a kind. I'll be sad to see an option taken off the board before everybody got a chance to at least look at it.

According to the official press release, though, they're "suspend[ing] operations...with the intention of reopening a state-of-the-art campus" in 2012. Right.....

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DanEcht said...

It is a pretty cool place...I spent two weeks in a wilderness preserve nearby called Glen Helen. The school itself is in a state of slight disrepair, probably due to the same lack of funding that is causing them to close their doors. I chalk the problem up to two main reasons: enrollment of just 400 a year, and a group of alumni who enter social service jobs - a noble calling, but not one that generates a lot of donations. Interesting people who went there: Stephen Jay Gould, Coretta Scott King, Rod Serling, O'dell Owens.