June 24, 2007

In honor of...#6...

I'm away on vacation and will posting infrequently for a few days...enjoy this belch of postings until then...

Some of the finest of the media scientists come to their time in the spotlight from the magic of being science educators. Lee Marek, for example, is (or maybe was) a chemistry teacher in Naperville, IL, near Fermi Labs ourside Chicago.

Marek has won numerous awards as a teacher, but at this point, he's mostly headed beyond the classroom and become a bit of a celebrity in the science teacher world. He's been on David Letterman - usually with his students, sometimes without -at least four times that I can count (#1...#2...#3...#4), though sadly video is a bit hard to come by - and what I was able to find is pretty small format stuff.

Marek also has videotaped a number of his most impressive demos and posted them online as well - though in a Real Player format.

And, most impressively, Marek just might be the guy to discover the mentos / diet coke geyser.

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