June 25, 2007

Wii are thoroughly amused

So I finally broke down and bought into my first game console since Sega hockey was rockin'ly cool back in the early 90's...

I...make that we (The Girl was seriously involved in this purchase, too)...bought a Nintendo Wii.

There are all sorts of logical reasons for us to have bought a Wii:
  • There are these little people who visit from time to time and like to play things.
  • It's a social kind of thing where The Girl and I can both play at the same time.
  • It doesn't take up much room there on top of the DVD player.
But the biggest reason that that I played a Wii at a friend's house just after school let out, and it was fun.

So we sunk in a few hundred bucks - gotta get that second controller and a couple of extra games, doncha know - on not much more than a whim, and after visiting a dozen stores over a three or four day tour of West Chester and Mason, we got a Wii.

And it's a blast.

The weirdness of not having the more traditional video game controller (with it's ever-increasing number of buttons) is such a cool novelty that playing a Wii is amazingly different from playing any game system before it. The controller slips on your wrist, and you do whatever motion you want the character on the screen to perform. If you want to swing a golf club (my best is even par over nine holes), you move the controller like it's the grip of the club. If you want to swing a tennis racket, you just swing the controller like it's the racket handle. Very cool.

Now I just have to get the girl good enough at Wii tennis that it's a match between the two of us.

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DanEcht said...

Wii is awesome...wow, that seems like such bad grammar.