June 2, 2007

My head is spinning

I love Dubai...absolutely love it...

I imagine Dubai the way that I'm thinking many immigrants immagined the US in the early twentieth century - streets paved with gold; people wandering around in richly appointed attire, letting money drop from their pockets without any notice at all, their rich laughter filling sidewalk cafes all along the avenues; money flowing so freely that people just do stupid things with it because it's that of buy cartoonishly gigantic wallets.

I have, of course, no clue whatsoever whether any of this is real, and I would imagine that I'm blowing things way out of proportion, but some of their plans and buildings do make me wonder.

Today's example is the planned - I don't know if it's ever to be realized - spinning cactus plate building:

If you want to actually know any more about the reality of dubai, check any of the following sites:

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