August 4, 2008

A gelato update

Just so everyone in the local area can know, Madisino's Gelato is now available at Jungle Jim's in the frozen Italian section.

According to The Girl - who went the wrong way and brought home lemon basil sorbet - they have about a half dozen ice cream flavors at a couple of sorbets at the moment. Don't know whether they'll be rotating flavors or stocking a standard selection, but I'll be checking their case.

And if you're not aware of how awesome Madisino's Gelato, check out the story about them here.

Oh, and I had a cool image ready to post with this - check it at A thorn in the pew - but the image uploading is balking tonight, and I know how important it is to get news like this out there.

Image uploading - as you can tell from the awesome photo up top - is back online. Thanks for your patience, folks.

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