August 15, 2008

This is sand

Dig the sand art emulator that's online. You can choose your color of sand and just click to start dropping sand right in. Very cool.

Plus they have begun an art gallery of the better works and a blog to keep you updated on what's in the updating. They've also got a modified version online using random sand colors.

I bumbled upon the load of fun via Neatorama and colourlovers.

Try to get your time a wastin' before school starts in earnest, would ya, folks?

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calencoriel said...

The little one and I played with this all night last night while the boys were at the HHS football scrimmage. We made lots of cool stuff, but both agree that we'd like to be able to choose a little less space to work within. We wanted to make little designs as opposed to working with such a big canvas...however, we both agreed it was freaking cool and had fun playing with the angles the sand could make. Good stuff.