August 11, 2008

Randomizing that image header

Ok, things aren't perfect up topside as there's still a bit of a grey line in the middle of the image header and the header doesn't link back to the blog homepage, but I've at least gotten rid of the craptacular text header that I've had for three years now.

Big thanks to G-Race for hooking me up with the how to via the Tips-for-new-bloggers blog.

It took a bit of playing around with the code, but I'm almost happy with how things are looking up there. I'll keep working to fix the couple of aforementioned issues.

So, Lakes, can I get back to talking smack now?

Oh, and there are currently twenty-three images in the randomizationilism for the header. Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have another dozen or two as I check the work computer for photos from the past week. Heck, some of them may even not have Beaker in them.


Mr. Echt said...

It does make for better visual attraction. Make one of the pictures Lakes getting slapped in MS Paint.

calencoriel said...

Nice pics! I'm pretty sure I was with Beaker when a few of those pics were taken.

achilles3 said...

Rant on IDTMI;-)

Grace said...

About the grey line/text through the middle... did you check the box that says "instead of text" in the header menu?

I don't know if it would be different or not because you changed the code and didn't upload a photo, but that might fix it if you haven't tried that already

Grace said...

P.S. Sweet pics!

andrew said...

looks good.

PHSChemGuy said...

Mr Echt - oh, it's much prettier with the graphics up there...the text was getting annoying, ugly, and boring to me. I'll work on getting Lakes smacked down as a graphic. I think I have a couple of photos of him at school.

Calen - you certainly were...there's one of Beaker over the Mississippi in N'Orleans, for example.

Lakes - thanks, man. There are a lot of the images that I'm not thrilled with, but it's a work in progress. I still dig your header every time I see it.

Grace - the randomness requires the images to be placed differently. I didn't use the Blogger upload to put the images there, so I didn't get to check either box. Instead, it's all done through the Add an element and then Html/javascript element to put these as the headers. In all honesty, I have no clue at all what the javascript is doing. I have to learn javascript. Hopefully I can get Stephen to help teach me (unless you understand it.)

PS - Grace, I know you're rocking the post secondary this year, but you wanna be a student aide again? Not that I'm saying you're about the best aide I've had,

Andrew, thanks, man...when are you going to throw down some blog love of your own?

Grace said...

SURPRISE! I'm actually not doing post secondary as of about a week ago...

So as long as I get to dress the deer again and get a written agreement that I never have to do anything involving the dishwasher and/or washing glassware (unless it's completely necessary), then yes, of course.

joey said...

thats because im the best aide ever.

sorry g-race.... you will never (and should never try to) live up to my glory.

oh but if you need to know how to throw a football jersey on the deer, i can help you out there. im sure there are also some stars you could put up.... after a week or two of stars, you will be begging to wash dishes