August 21, 2008

Some more advice

I know there are a few folks reading this who are either in college or headed that way most soon, so I thought I'd offer some advice for living on your own...

Plus it's been a while since I offered up any advice 'round these

When you're cooking for yourself, you may find that some things are a little bland or just not quite good enough. Try these things to make the food taste better:
  • Fry it
  • Glaze it
  • Top it with cheese
  • Put bacon on or in it
  • Dip it in maple syrup
  • Batter it
  • Fry it again after wrapping it in bacon
And if somebody (parent, friend, friend with benefits) is coming over and you need to tidy the place up:
  • Put it under your bed
  • Put it in a closet
  • Light a candle
  • Open the windows
  • Take out the trash
  • Put on a clean shirt...and undies if it's that kind of a friend
  • Vacuum
If it's the first spring day, the first day after a long winter freeze and the sun is finally out, the temperature's finally above like fifty five
  • Get out
  • Go hiking
  • Play frisbee golf
  • Frolic
  • Skip (unless you can't, which is sad)
Just thought you should know...


calencoriel said...

Jesus...also keep in mind that you don't have to cook salad...and you also won't weight 300 lbs more than you did at graduation because you followed chemguy's cooking tips.

you know...b/c I want you guys to live long enough to come back and visit, and not be wheezing as you come up my staircase...

...just sayin'

joey said...

exnay on the fry it, my friend. unless if you are living off campus. last year i couldnt even have a coffee maker... well... technically...

instead, hot sauce.

joey said...

but yes... mmmmm. baconnnn. and after a whole winter, it doesnt take much to get people outside usually

Mr. Echt said...

I was looking at the header and wondered: Do you actually have a shirt that has "Vikings" printed backwards or did you just reverse the picture for the header? Because that shirt would be awesome

achilles3 said...

and also remember:
college is kinda like vegas...what happens at college stays at college.
unless you blog about it. and in that case it's like being at home.
and that's dumb

PHSChemGuy said...

Calen - no, but bacon makes for a great salad topper...thanks for reminding...

Joey - that's why you live off campus, man...get an apartment just off campus and be the life of the party...

MrEcht...nope, I took the photo at a Minneapolis sculpture garden...they had a two-way mirror in the hedges, so I'm took a picture of me taking a picture...hence the reversed Vikes...

Lakes...I'm guessing more and more people are blogging and twittering and livejournaling about their college years...regret will surely follow...