August 22, 2008

Randy Newman is all his genius glory

From NPR's All Songs Considered, quoting Randy Newman...
We should all be smart enough to know that money doesn't make us happy. In America, the smart people opt for a life that isn't based on getting rich; they teach chemistry or they work for public radio.
I love this man.

Check out a performance of the entirety of his new album Harps and Angels on NPR's All Songs Considered as well as the accompanying eight-minutes interview on their sister show All Things Considered.

I've mentioned it before, but this man is a natural treasure with a tongue sharper than any blade and a pen mightier than any sword.

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achilles3 said...

Randy Newman goes on my LONG list of "wow...I had heard of you and never really dipped in. never really was exposed. BUT gosh what the hell was I doing?"
Finally listened to the guest DJ appearance and the 8 minute
I love learning about people that I wanna be when I grow up.
Thanks ChemGuy