May 20, 2010

Grease gets a little cleaner

Quick question about this trailer.

At 0:57 and 1:32, didn't the characters originally have cigarettes?

Grease Sing-A-Long in HD

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I didn't like it when Spielberg took the guns away from the agents in ET.  I didn't like it when Lucas took the first shot away from Solo.

And I don't particularly like this - politically correct, though it may be.


Katydid said...

Stuff like this really drives me insane, even as a non-smoker. Films were made the way the were to reflect a time and a place: the question then draws up all kinds of issues of politically incorrect content.

Should we get rid of the crows in "Dumbo" because they reflect negative racial stereotypes? How about getting rid of every line where Ralph Cramden mentions hitting his wife in "The Honeymooners." We have to preserve these things no matter how uncomfortable they make us because it was reflective of the world at that time, however cringe-worthy it was.

If the issue is showing "Grease" to kids, I, as about precocious as a kid can get, had most of the inappropriate content go over my head the thousand or so times I watched this movie as a kid. Personally, I'd be more worried about Rizzo's predicament then smoking a cigarette.

PHSChemGuy said...

Agreed on every count.

Movies, cartoons, television shows, paintings, whatever - they are products of their time, and they shouldn't be edited to change that look at their era of creation.

Add a note at the beginning explaining the context if the context has drastically changed? Maybe.

Put a note next to the painting providing a little background? Go for it.

Don't put a fig leaf on David. Teach me about the sculptor who thought it appropriate to leave him nekkid in the first place.