May 3, 2010

Who are you?

I know.  I'm a shill for Google in just about any way possible.

And Picasa is a Google product that I use to manage all my photos at work and at home.

And yet, when I started playing around with the People feature and identifying a few faces, I wasn't particularly impressed.  Yeah, I could go through my one-hundred-eighty-thousand faces one at a time.  It would just take me forever.

Then I clicked a little lower to check out the individual on the list of names I'd been developing.  By then, Picasa had begun using my identification to make reasonable guesses as to the other faces that I'd not yet defined.

And it was right like 90% of the time - which is pretty darn impressive.


Bdubba said...

Ours does pretty well too. It does get some of the girls baby/toddler pictures mixed up but....I admit, I do too. I have to use other context clues to help.

PHSChemGuy said...

I can't tell any babies or toddlers apart pretty much at all, especially if they're related. I have a bunch of printed photos of me and my sister as babies, and I would have no idea who is who unless my mom hadn't written names on the back.