May 7, 2010

"Princeton grad chases Olympics, fights hunger"

G-Movement: Chris Smith from Action Against Hunger USA on Vimeo.

Every week or so, I check the Cincy Enquirer's website ad search for any Princeton-related articles.  This week I got lucky and found an article headlined "Princeton Grad Chases Olympics, Fights Hunger" about a Sharonville man who must've graduated from PHS just a year or two before I arrived there, Chris Smith.

Smith was a wrestler and pole vaulter at PHS who then headed on to UC where he has since earned his masters and come within three inches of qualifying for the US Olympic team in 2008.  Now, however, he's working on qualifying for the Jamaican team as his Dad was Jamaican and would set a Jamaican national record if he reaches his personal best of 5.50 meters (~18 feet).

He's also fundraising for Action Against Hunger and is one of five athletes sponsored through Gatorade's G Movement program.

Feel free to check his blog and chuck in a buck or two if you have extra lying around.


thort said...

He is indeed a PHS grad. I remember Chris as a very well rounded and focused young man. He was involved in many activities and had the respect of faculty and students both. I wish him all the best!! Thanks for posting this.

calencoriel said...

I didn't remember him from just the name, but once I saw his pic I remembered him right away.

He didn't have the dreads in high school, so that's a new touch but he was very active in track and in student government. He also worked security at Great American for awhile after graduation - he was a 2001 grad, so there was a fair amount of pressure early on.

He was also very active in Key Club and maybe yearbook or Odin's word...I remember him hanging out with Goohs fairly often.

Man, our kids are the best!