May 17, 2010

Memo to the sporting media

I don't care where LeBron James goes.

At some point this summer, LeBron James will sign with an NBA team - the Cavs, the Knicks, the Bulls, the Heat, the Clippers, the Massagno. At that point, please report it.  Report the hell out of it.

Until then, you don't have any idea where he's going to sign.  It's just idle, stupid, annoying speculation.

So shut up.


calencoriel said...

He better stay in Cleveland...the city's entire economy is based on him

joey said...

agreed on both points (not because i like the cavs, but because cleveland will turn into Detroit 2.0 if he goes anywhere else)

for the record, im thinking it could be the nets/knicks. i will not comment any further until he actually signs

PHSChemGuy said...

Calen, plus, he's a model in Cleveland.

Joey - I haven't any possible idea where he's going. Anything I would guess would be a total guess. I'm hoping for the Clippers, however, to stick it to the Lakers.