May 28, 2010

NBC's fall lineup

I think that, come fall, I may be watching even less television than I already do.

Check out more of NBC's fall lineup here.

And just so you know, Mad About You is probably my favorite sitcom ever, but that Paul Reiser Show looks like a crappy remake of Curb Your Enthusiasm (which I hated.)


calencoriel said...

The other day I saw the trailer for "Outsourced" and I couldn't believe that something that offensive had been put on screen.

I only watched the trailers for what I thought would be comedies because I don't watch TV dramas unless they contain witches. Nothing really grabbed me...

except the Paul Reiser show. He pretty much stated how I've been feeling for the past 5 years in his brief little quip. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've lamented the same statements to you in the past. The only difference was he was stating that "I've accomplished everything I wanted to in life but I'm not dead yet" as a man and not a woman. Which I definitely am.

I think he's just in a different station in life than you with this show as opposed to his last. Your "Mad About You" obsession is pretty much there because you identify/identified with the theme of that whole don't identify with the guy he presents in that clip.

I'll probably tune in for the first couple of Paul Reiser shows...unless they conflict with Modern Family. Then I won't.

Ame said...

If you're REALLY nice to me I will let you borrow my DVD of Breakin' 2.

PHSChemGuy said...

Calen - Outsourced just look offensive all around. I'm surprised that it's made it to the big time being that bad.

Ame - I think I'll pass, but thanks.