September 1, 2010

A friend's kid gets the call up

So, The Girl shared a little link and a couple of videos with me this past weekend.  It's all pretty typical pop stuff, pretty vocals sunk by cutie girls over decent little pop grooves.  If it weren't for one little detail that I'll mention in a minute, it's the kind of stuff that I'd be mocking with the standard gags about the group being totally manufactured, and peopled by girl who would end up falling into the seedier side of the music industry.

But it turns out there's something a little different about The Varsity Girls.  See, I actually know one of the girls.  She's the step-daughter of one of The Girl's best friends from back in high school.  That's the best friend in the picture there.  It's from a few years back when we went to visit them in Massachusetts.  The Girl's the one on the left; the best friend on the right. 

Apparently the step-daughter, Taylor Lawler - I figure that if she's identified on the Varsity Girls website, it's probably fair game for me to call her by name - has been singing with some friends of hers for a few years, and they've recently been signed to a record company.  Now they're touring the Boston area, singing at local Wal-Marts, Fenway Park, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

Their first single, "Be You," is apparently getting some airplay on the Boston pop stations, and it looks like the girls are going to ride their singing for a while - still staying in school but starting to head into the professional music direction.

You can grab "Be You" from iTunes, and I'm gonna give it a buy even though it's not my typical music.  Always good to help out a friend's family.  Their website has three more songs and a few videos of the girls.

It's interesting to see the group's professional photos on the website.  They're clearing getting professional makeup and clothing and all that stuff, but they still look like little girls, especially Taylor, one of the two 15-year-olds of the five girls.

Give 'em a listen, would ya?

Taylor's the one on the far right at the white v-neck on "I'll Be There" the face t-shirt on "No One" the ripped jeans and the darker pink top in their main website photo...

You can also check the girls out at their old website.  Apparently in the past year they've been Dollhouse then Dollstar and now the Varsity Girls.

All in all, very cool to know that Taylor's apparently having a blast and doing well.


calencoriel said...

all that and you didn't mention how great it sounds to say Taylor's name with the Bostonian accent?

Great stuff though!

PHSChemGuy said...

Both Taylor and her younger brother Tabor are unfortunate products of a Bostonian accent. Taylah Lawlah.

Good times