September 6, 2010

Update: Pumpkin shortage

So, The Girl was at The Jungle this weekend and asked about the pumpkin shortage when she saw that Libby's pumpkin (a Nestle brand, who knew?).

The stocker reported that their Libby's distributor didn't know whether they'd have any pumpkin to ship until after the holidays this year even.  Libby's does have a page up with some basic info about the shortage as well as a quick video and some non-pumpkin pie alternatives.  I haven't heard whether the weather in Morton, Illinois has been any better this year or not, but I'm sure hopeful.

Other bloggers have been posting about the continuing pumpkin shortage recently, and their suggestion fits into one that The Girl got from The Jungle stocker.  He suggested that the head over to the pet food aisle where they've had no problems keeping organic pumpkin in stock.  Turns out that many dog owners (not us) feed pureed pumpkin to their pets to help keep Fido all regular.  I even found a German Shepherd forum topic titled "What pumpkin shortage?" that suggests this very solution.

Other sites I've read suggest a couple of other options.  Some people have swapped in sweet potato puree (and cut back on the sugar in the recipe) instead of pumpkin.  One even suggested using baby carrot puree as a substitute.  Another said to try various squashes: acorn, butternut, hubbard, or buttercup. I also saw that some folks say it's easy to split a pumpkin, drizzle it with a little oil, and roast it before making your own pumpkin puree.


Apparently, if you find any Libby's, you should grab it and stock up.  And if you can't find any Libby's head to the organic section or the pet food aisle to check out other possible sources.

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calencoriel said...

I am excited to announce that I own ONE 14 oz can of pumpkin.

The oldest won't spend Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie this year.

Any idea how hard it is to make a pumpkin pie from an actual pumpkin or how expensive organic canned pumpkin is?