September 21, 2011

In case you're curious

If you were wondering, yes, at the current 2011 rate of posting (343 posts in 264 days), I will break my own record for most posts in a calendar year. The record currently is 430 posts in 2006, and my current pace is 474 posts.


olabimpe said...

do you queue a lot of your posts, or do you find interesting content/things to talk about that often?

PHSChemGuy said...

In a typical week, I write most of my posts over the weekend, leaving maybe one to do during the week. If there are two posts on a day, it's because I saw something that morning/day that interested me enough to post it immediately rather than wait until Saturday's links post.

I tend to do the 8tracks playlists all in bunches, though. I have the next four of those already ready and queued right now.